FunnelAI Vs Hootsuite/Buffer
Spend time connecting with prospective customers in real-time, instead of spending time only managing your social media.
Connect with prospective customers in real-time, instead of trying to attract them via social media platforms!

Hootsuite's or Buffer's social media plaform management software allow companies to create content to be shared on various social media platforms. These softwares helps increase the visibility of companies to social media users.

FunnelAI is not Hootsuite or Buffer - Why?

FunnelAI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to discover valuable, qualified customers looking for services or a product.

FunnelAI works by mining data across multiple social data platforms including social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), and all kinds of industry related Forums. FunnelAI finds customers in real-time who have expressed an interest or an intent to buy a service or a product. FunnelAI allows businesses to act immediately and start a conversation with the customers found via our platform.

Eighty percent of businesses believe AI will revolutionize the way we handle sales, but only 10% of all businesses are using AI it right now. Be ahead of the curve.

Learn more about how we can help social data to connect with your prospective customers for your businesses. We would be happy to help. Connect with our sales at