Social Selling Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Connect with prospective customers in real-time from social posts who are looking for your products or services.
If you are like most businesses, finding high volumes of qualified prospects and successfully engaging them at the right time, is your greatest challenge.
The problem with prospecting is common practices like cold calling and digital advertising are inefficient, and worse— not working. They are expensive, time-consuming and the results are very disappointing. Like 2.5 percent conversion rate disappointing. Research sites like CSO Insights say eighty percent of time spent prospecting is completely wasted. What business can afford to waste eighty percent of prospecting time?
There is a better way to acquire more customers
Savvy business owners and marketers are catching on to something that is dramatically changing their business: artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

Businesses that implement AI solutions for prospecting and lead generation see almost 60 percent better close rates, 58 percent increased revenue, 54 percent more traffic and engagement, and 52 percent higher conversion, according to marketing research sites like

Researchers and marketers believe AI will revolutionize businesses and the way they attain new business by 2020, but only 10 percent are using it right now.
FunnelAI is helping businesses get ahead of that curve
Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness the power of social media, FunnelAI delivers qualified sales prospects and enables real-time engagement with potential customers.

The FunnelAI social prospecting solution works by mining data across multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Combining keyword search and artificial intelligence, FunnelAI filters through more than 2 million social posts a day and finds and displays relevant prospects in real time. FunnelAI users can act immediately and start a conversation with potential customers.

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