How FunnelAI Works?
Capture. Nurture. Engage. Close.

FunnelAI utilizes a variety of social media platforms in real-time to find prospects who are looking for products or services that businesses have to offer. Our nurture-bot automatically qualifies prospects by messaging with them on social media, filtering through the list until a group of suitable prospects is formed. These qualified prospects are then given to businesses, who use them to close deals and decrease the time spent looking for leads. This process is fully automated using our FunnelAI technology, significantly cutting down the sales process and saving resources.

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Funnel AI


Businesses can obtain qualified leads in real-time based on their industry and location. Our FunnelAI™ software provides up to a 70% successful conversion rate, compared to a 2.5% conversion rate using traditional marketing or digital advertisements.

Messenger Bot

Our Messenger Bot AI software automatically communicates with potential prospects obtained with the FunnelAI™ Aingine™. The union of both technologies ensures the most qualified prospects are delivered to our customers.

Engage & Close

FunnelAI™ optimizes our clients’ social channels to find the most qualified prospects in the shortest time. As a result of our responsive AI, our clients receive prospects who are actively searching for the products or services our clients offer.

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