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AI-Powered Social Prospecting
How FunnelAI Works?
What FunnelAI Does?

With more than 2 billion social media users and millions more added daily, there is more potential than ever to use social platforms to propel your brand, engage prospects, and draw more customers into your sales pipeline.

Are you doing enough to identify and engage with prospects on social media? Are you maximizing social media’s full potential to drive real results for your business?

That is what FunnelAI does.

With the ability to filter through more than 2 million social media posts daily, FunnelAI identifies prospects relevant to your business and enables real time conversations with those prospects. That means less time looking for prospects, and more time converting them into buying customers.

Meet your new customers right now.


Made with Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and image recognition, our Aingine™ scours through millions of social posts to find the prospects looking for your services or products.

What makes FunnelAI Different?
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